logoPatti Fritz has been a fighter all her life.

She made ends meet, organized nurses and raised a family.

Right here, in Faribault.

Patti and her husband Jim raised their kids in our community. And taught them to study, work hard and they could get ahead.

But working hard and getting ahead doesn’t work for enough Minnesota families. Big corporations and the wealthy few are getting ahead, while more and more of our friends and neighbors fall behind.

And Patti knows that we all deserve a fair shot a getting ahead.

That’s why she will work to expand economic opportunity for all Minnesotans, by making college more affordable, expanding access to high speed internet and investing in our roads and bridges.

  • Opportunity Economy: Fritz will work for every Minnesotan to have the chance to earn a good living by supporting plans to give full- time workers earned sick time and paid family leave.
  • Increase Our Skilled Workforce: Patti wants to give small businesses and new industries the employees they need by investing in pre-k education, keeping college tuition low and reducing student debt.
  • Grow and Create Jobs: Patti knows we grow our economy with a strong infrastructure, starting with expanding high speed internet to our rural communities and passing a comprehensive plan to fix our roads and bridges.